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Um...yeah. You need to get this in your life.


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One thing stands between You and Ultimate AWESOME HAPPY AS FUCK You. Fear. 


Fearlessly Well is a revolution in choice. We are doing it on our terms. We decide the rules to the game. We write our own script. Every day we radically progress the evolution of ourselves. We do it together. And we do it fearlessly.  The primary objective: TO TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE AND CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE.


Why? Because you're worth it. You deserve it. But you have to do the work.


Through Power coaching, wellness tools, workshops and tons of other goodies, we develop a daily commitment to:


  • Whole Self Wellness - Mind, Body & Soul

  • Self-Love

  • Clean Eating

  • Pleasurable Movement

  • Self-Care

  • Natural Living

  • Fearless Authentic Choices

  • Small Daily Practices & Rituals

  • Intentional living


Be it a quick situational fix or a whole life renovation, let’s do this. Let’s get it done. Let’s set goals and smash them. Let’s become what we believe. Let’s eradicate life-paralyzing fear forever. Let’s feel fucking awesome. Every. Single. Day.


I don’t want you to spend one more day feeling sick, exhausted, or powerless.  


Let’s be Fearlessly Well. 

Let’s get to know each other.


Catalytic change can only happen in your life if you feel comfortable, safe, and ready. This complimentary 45 minute session will help you clarify your needs and decide if we are a good fit to work together. 



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Let’s work together

You've done your Free Fearless Sesh and you know you want to work together. AWESOME. Let's do this. 

Weekly sessions are 60 or 90 minutes long. Via Zoom video or phone. We can meet in person if you live in Los Angeles!

Is this all a big HELL YEAH?


Click on the links below to choose the paymeny option that works best for you. Then schedule your coaching session.

60 minute coaching session $75

90 minute coaching session $100

4 session package (60 minute sessions) $200 ~ SAVE $100!

4 session package (90 minute sessions) $300 ~ SAVE $100!



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Let’s spend a day together! This one day program is perfect for you if:


• You want to feel awesome - mind, body and soul.

• You are a motivated, but you need support getting started.

• You don’t have time for a six month program, but you are ready to start investing in your health.

• You are 150% committed and will hold yourself accountable once I give you the tools you need to succeed.




• One 90-Minute HIT Sesh - Our HIT Sesh (Honesty, Intention, Transparency) is where we begin. No dishonesty, no excuses, no bullshit. We develop your HIT List: what we want, why we want it, and how we’re getting there. This is our clarity blueprint. Then we get to work.

• Vision Board - we create one for your Fearlessly Well Life

• Morning routine makeover

• Pantry makeover - clean out your pantry and fridge

• 60 minute clean eating session

• 30 minute prep session - I show you how to plan wellness into your busy week.

• We take a trip to the grocery store - Whole Foods, Sprouts or Trader Joe’s. Your choice.

• DIY class - I show you how to make your own natural beauty products, cleaning products, and more.

• 30 minute Essential Oils consultation - we go over how to use oils to support your health goals. I give you some oils to sample.

• Chakra Balancing session using essential oils

• Post It’s - we cover your house with them so we can make these changes stick  




• Fearlessly Well Planner & Journal

• Clean Eating Shopping List

• 50 Fearless Snacks List - easy, simple, healthy

• Healthy Made Simple Guide

• doTERRA Essential Oil Sampler Kit with A - Z Use Guide

• 101 Ways To Use Essential Oils Guide

• Essential Oils Wellness Phone Consultation (45 Minutes)




• Access to my blogs & newsletters.

• Amazing worksheets, handouts, resources, links, tools, recipes, and other goodies.

• Access to my Fearlessly Well Facebook group. Join the revolution!

• My full support and unwavering commitment to your success and building your Fearlessly Well life.






*Do your makeover with a friend or partner and you both invest $197 each.

*Do your makeover with two friends and you all invest $147 each.

*Do your makeover with 5 friends and you all invest $97 each. 


Sound like EXACTLY what you need?

Schedule a free call with me to get all of your questions answered and/or plan your makeover.


Essential oils are my main and favorite wellness tools. They have helped me transform my health and emotions. If you would like to learn more about how you can use essential oils as a natural solution to transform your mind, body and spirit, I offer free educational coaching sessions.

In your free session, you will learn:
*What essential oils are
*The many physical and emotional benefits of essential oils
*Natural solutions for your health
*How to get essential oils into your home


Book your free essential oil wellness coaching session now!

So, Can You See Your Fearlessly Well Life?


You. Healthy. Happy. Feeling Fucking Awesome. Ever. Single. Day. Its amazing! You want it.


If you aren’t quite ready to make the plunge, read my story and get to know me better. My hope is that my unapologetic and fearless pursuit of my Fearlessly Well life will inspire you to start creating yours!


And hey. Whether I'm the right coach for you or not, the fact that you're on this page means you want more out of life and you're open to the pursuit of it. I'm so excited for you and the journey you are embarking on: to create a life you love.


Everyone deserves it, so KEEP GOING.  I SEE you and I believe in YOU.


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