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In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist.

We must be anti-racist."

- Angela Davis

Our Core Values:​​

  • We are an anti-racist company. We unequivocally denounce racism (systemic, conscious and unconscious), anti-blackness, white supremacy & nationalism, anti-semitism, and inequality. Black Lives Matter. Stop Asian Hate. We are committed to doing our part to bring an end to systemic racism, white supremacy, and anti-blackness.

  • We are an intersectional & inclusive company. We unequivocally denounce misogyny, patriarchy, ableism, and violence and inequality against the Queer community and those who identify as disabled, neurodivergent, women, female, Transgendered, Non-Binary, or Gender Non-Conforming.

  • We are committed to diversity, inclusion and intersectionality: in our marketing, in our hiring practices, events we manage, and with the clients we choose to work with. We hire and work with People of Color, those who identify as disabled, neurodivergent, Gender Queer, and the Queer community.

  • We recognize our cis white heteronormative privilege and are actively working to be better anti-racist, inclusive and intersectional allies. We recognize there is always room to grow and do better. And we are open to your feedback on ways to do so.

  • We work to close the pay gap for those who identify as female, women, Gender Queer or disabled by offering our services at prices that feel good to us. It is for that reason that we do not negotiate on our pricing.

  • We work together with our clients, not for them.

  • Integrity and transparency. We don’t hide our prices. And we don't offer unrealistic results. We own our mistake if we make them.

  • We offer a no-pressure sales process. If you want to work with us, great! If not, that's ok too. We won't pressure you to sign up to work with us.

  • Authenticity, integrity, and transparency are the foundation of our marketing practices.

  • Communication and empathy are the key to all amazing business relationships.

  • We offer month-to-month plans and don’t require long-term commitments. We only want you to continue working with us if you are happy with our work and not lock you into long contracts.

  • We practice radical self-care and we hope you do the same. We show up hard for our clients, but we respect our business boundaries and do not work ourselves to the point of exhaustion. (i.e we take weekends and holidays off and do not work late nights.)

  • We treat our team with respect and show our team we value them by offering annual raises and bonuses, weekends and holidays off, vacations, and investing in paid training and mentorship so our team can leave our employ with more skills than they came in with. AKA, our team members are happy and we have a very low turnover rate.

Lastly, we are very aware that taking a strong stance on our values may scare away or turn off potential clients. We are ok with that. We love working with clients that share our common values.


We believe this stance will help us attract our soulmate clients. Do you feel in agreement with our values? Are you feeling inspired? Schedule a connection call to learn more about working with Fearlessly Jen.


*Cover image credit: ScoutTheBootBlack