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Um...yeah. You need to get this in your life.


"I hardly have words to express the tremendous gift Jen has been (and IS) to my life and business. I feel DEEPLY supported in growing my business. Jen understands me, my business, and my vision and mission. She's an amazing communicator. She's organized, She anticipates my (and my biz) needs and takes initiative. She is ON TOP of things all the time. It's a DREAM to work with Jen. I absolutely adore her and every interaction we have. She makes running my business feel ease-ful and fun. And not only does she nail it on the biz end of things, but Jen is an angel - she's so sweet, kind, wise, powerful, and intuitive. She's EXACTLY what I was looking for to support my business. I'm endlessly grateful. THANK YOU, JEN!"

-Katelyn Edgar - Intuitive Alchemist ~ Coach ~ Mentor


“Having brought Jen on board to handle my social media and many related technical duties and she has been a God-send! And I’m not religious, but I thank heavens for her expertise, efficiency, punctuality, knowledge about health (I’m a health practitioner), and attention to detail since I am a recovering perfectionist! This means I’m still somewhat hard to please so if she’s been on board (2 yrs + counting) then you know that she’s worth her weight in gold!”

-Joyce Rockwood, CCH - Health Coach & Essential Oils Advocate

“Jen is one of the most efficient people I have ever known and is always on top of her game and me – to make sure my Podcast has the exposure it needs to be successful and seen. Our social media following has grown exponentially since having Jen take over. She’ll tell you what you need, and she’ll follow up until she gets it! Jen is that extra bit of accountability I didn’t know I needed!”

-Raveen Battee - Producer, A Naked Podcast

“I couldn’t run my businesses without Fearlessly Jen. Jen is profoundly gifted, resourceful, and connected to her clients and their evolution. Jen is committed to your vision as if it were her own business. I love that I can just drop a project in her hands and trust it will get done. AND her social media content is amazing!”

-Cathleen Meredith - Founder & CEO, Fat Girls Dance

Jen is a warrior; a woman on a mission to conquer her bullshit while igniting her tribe to do the same. What makes Jen stand out is that she’s a radically REAL coach who truly cares about her clients, and rides this journey with them. Her mission is one that comes from her heart, and as someone that has been successfully conquering her own bullshit, she’s the perfect leader to help others do the same."

-Ruby Fremon

"Jen is seriously great at cutting out the bullshit and getting to the heart of the matter! She’s a bullshit expert, bullshit guru! She get’s to the point! And, she looks at the bullshit without judgement! I hope to be able to get to this place to objectively heal my wounds! Thanks, Jen!"

-Monica Alvarez

"Jen is one of the most beautiful spirits I have ever known and has continued help me personally on my mental physical and emotional journey through life. Her style of connection is unlike what I have typically encountered – more specifically she cuts the BS. She’ll tell you like it is and get you where you need to be."

-Raveen Battee 

"Jen is AMAZING! For the brief time we've connected she has helped me and supported me more than most I've known my whole life!! Thank you 100 fold."


Jen is an amazing coach! She really listens, has amazing and creative ideas and will give you as much attention as you need. If you or anyone you know has been thinking about getting a coach, Jen is the coach for you!



"Jen's energy is unstoppable! She has ideas flowing like crazy and her work ethic to execute her ideas is unparalleled. She makes things happen fast! I've learned so much from her and it has greatly impacted myself and my business. I'm looking forward to what the future brings with Jen by my side."

-Angela B


"Jen is a passionate go-getter that stops at nothing to help you accomplish your goals. She's not afraid to speak up or take action, and yet her life's philosophy is guided by a sense of compassion and courtesy."


"Jen inspires me many days through the week without even realizing it, in ways she doesn't even know. The struggle is REAL for sure, but the REAL can be worth it, especially when you have someone like Jen in your corner to help you get to the REAL."



"Jen-- Meeting and working with you has categorically altered my life. I will never be able to express how grateful I am to have found such peace, restoration, and self-love. I didn't think it was possible. Thank you for my life back." 



"Jen is so inspirational, and kind, you can feel the light that she bears inside her. I'm constantly inspired by her everyday!"



"Jen is the one of the most inspirational women I have ever met! She never ceases to amaze me with her positive attitude and her 'Go for it!' attitude."

-Angela M


"Jen is a natural healer."



"Jen is awesome! She is very hard working, loyal, trustworthy, always truthful and very, very organized. She is also very compassionate and empathetic. There is no one as thoughtful. One can always count on her."



"Jen's outgoing personality puts you at ease and her encouragement is genuine."



"Jen is lovely. Very sweet. I felt at ease and comfortable throughout the entire session."



"Jen's general outlook on life is inspiring. We can all learn from such a clear, open-minded view of the world. Nothing calms the mind more than a clearer view."



"Jen brings warmth and humor to all her interactions."



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